StartNorth is a new coworking space for startups and small businesses, opening October 2019.

Through our coworking space, accelerator program, business events and the experience of our passionate team, we help startups and small businesses succeed.

About StartNorth

There are a lot of wonderful coworking spaces out there but we are one of the few in the north of Melbourne. Say no to that painful commute into the city with a short train ride to StartNorth!

It is our goal to build a strong community of entrepreneurs, startups and small businesses. We'll passionately support you, celebrating your successes, contributing to your sustainable growth, and creating an environment that inspires.

Conveniently located across the road from Broadmeadows Railway Station and Broadmeadows Central shopping centre, StartNorth offers brand new facilities, state-of-the-art technology and 24 hour access.

We’re powered by one of Victoria’s leading councils that is dedicated to innovation and economic development. Our backing by Hume City Council means we have the connections to help get your business up and running, or scaling up quickly.

Other member benefits include business and social events, leisure centre discounts, printing, fast wifi, access to meeting rooms and a community of like-minded people!

Architecturally designed for productivity, our space is located in Town Hall Broadmeadows, an iconic building of Melbourne’s north.

Many entrepreneurs and small business owners that have worked from home find that eventually, even the most motivated person craves the energy and inspiration of working around other like-minded people. At StartNorth, we’ve created a place where inspiration flows freely.

We provide intelligent and skilled staff that maintain an incredible level of customer service, are available for you to bounce ideas off, and will strive to provide you support in all of the areas that you need.

Top this all off with flexible packages and competitive pricing - why would you want to be anywhere else?


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