Victoria has a strong track record of proven success when it comes to transforming startups into high growth firms.

Already, eight ‘unicorns’ have emerged (REA Group,, SEEK, MYOB, Envato, Culture Amp, Plexa, and Aconex) each valued at more than $1 billion – more than any other state in Australia.

Five things you might not have known about Melbourne's startup ecosystem

  1. Melbourne ranks in the Top 5 for the world’s strongest startup ecosystem growth, and entrepreneurship.
    Melbourne sits in the top five globally for early-stage investment growth. There are 170 co-working spaces in Melbourne, and approx 2700 startups.
  2. This is a $4 billion opportunity
    Off the back of a rapid growth period, Melbourne tech startups have the potential to generate up to $4 billion.
  3. People are moving to Melbourne to grow their startups
    1 in 4 entrepreneurs in Melbourne have moved here from another country specifically to start a startup – a third more than the global mean.
  4. Melbourne has global startup strengths in life sciences and healthtech
    One in five startups are in health, wellbeing or sports and Victorian health and wellbeing startups attract more VC funds than other sectors. Over half of Australia’s publicly listed life-science companies are based in Melbourne with a combined market capitalization of over $82 billion.
  5. Melbourne is a diverse and INCLUSIVE ecosystem. Everyone is welcome
    The average founder is 36. Females more likely than males to establish a startup past the age of 45. 1 in 3 founders in Victoria are female (compared with 1 in 10 in the Valley). The majority of founders (56%) have one or more parents born outside Australia.
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Startups + Melbourne (PS. Not your average boring video. Don't trust us check it out.)

A number of well-known tech companies have located their Asia-Pacific headquarters in Melbourne, including Slack, Square, Eventbrite, GoPro, Hired, Zendesk and others.

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The Average Founder

The average founder is 36. Females more likely than males to establish a startup past the age of 45. 70% of all founders in Victoria are male, with the majority (54%) educated to a Graduate Diploma level. Two thirds of founders were born in Australia, but the majority (56%) have one or more parents born outside Australia, demonstrating the role immigration has played in creating the Victorian startup ecosystem.

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